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During the latter years of my adolescence, I was obsessed with Japan. My gateway to the land of the rising sun was my craze for Power Rangers during childhood, through which I discovered Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I was fascinated by the long and rich history of Tokusatsu and loved just about everything to do with colourful superheroes in spandex or armour fighting weird monsters only Japan could conjure up! I was admittedly a big Japanophile with rose-tinted classes gazing across the Pacific thinking the grass was greener on the other side… until I finally realized how great my life actually was in Canada. Not my proudest years, but it certainly gave me the sense of style and confidence I have today since 2015.


After several misses in past years due to logistics not working out in my favour, I finally managed to visit Gundam Front Tokyo in...

Maid Cafés in Akihabara

During my stay in Tokyo, I visited two maid cafés while in Akihabara: @HOME Maid Café and Maidreamin. As both are essentially the same thing,...

Hong Kong 2015: Week 3 – in Japan!

Day 20: Friday | Feb. 13 (Japan Day 1) Day 1 in Japan. It was an extra long day since my flight landed at ~6:00am...

Tokyo Trip (July 2008)

By mom’s insistence (since she’s too chicken to explore Japan without a tour guide. heh.), we went by tours with 永安旅遊. I just hope...