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Non-nerd related Conferences, Expos, and Trade Shows.

Whole Life Expo 2019

Got offered free tickets for Friday admission, so I decided to attend the Whole Life Expo happening downstairs from my condo out of curiosity...

Collision Conference 2019

Another fucking boondoggle courtesy of Von Trapp! This vile woman tempted me into coming back downtown for this fucking bullshit!!! I need to stop...

The Gentlemen’s Expo 2017

I happened to win free tickets to the Gentlemen's Expo happening downstairs at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Normally not my type of show but...

ProFusion Expo 2017

This was my 4th year attending ProFusion and I feel I've come a long way. I remember attending for the very first time and knowing...

Green Living Show 2017

I'm no treehugger fanatic who wishes to live in the Dark Ages without electricity, but the Green Living Show was happening downstairs from my...

ProFusion Expo 2016

What was supposed to be a day of learning experiences, I ended up being completely sidetracked on Day 1. Thankfully, there was a second...

Green Living Show 2016

Did not take much photos as there was not much worth taking pictures of, in my opinion, since it is not like the usual...

ProFusion Expo 2015

If I was still living uptown, I probably would not have bothered with ProFusion this year. However, work allowed me a day (and a...

National Home Show 2015

I always feel like Charlie Brown in life but once in a century, I win a contest. Last week, I won 2 free tickets...