Welcome to my blog. I suppose we should start with the elephant in the room:

EMPEROR George? Pompous much…

Well, my parents always told me they named me after ‘King George’ whenever I often complained to them about the stupid nicknames I had to endure back then in school such as “Georgie Porgie” and “George of the Jungle” — I’ve actually hated my name so much for most of my life because of those despicable assholes in school! No matter how many years later, I still despise those people and continue wishing the worst upon all of them. πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ˜’πŸ–•πŸ»

In the mid-2000s, before the days of social media when online forums were most popular, I simply went by the alias of The_Emperor since Emperor Palpatine was my favourite Star Wars character. I stuck with this simple name of anonymous royalty for years until I thought it was too generic – not to mention, some sites wouldn’t let me register such a name – and thus my alias later developed into Nerd Emperor. Once again, I hid behind this new name not really wanting to reveal my real name publicly.

However, this desire to remain nameless changed suddenly in January 2018 when Star Trek: Discovery entered the Mirror Universe. The all-powerful Emperor of what I consider to be the best portrayal of the Terran Empire was later revealed to be none other than Emperor Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh… and the rest is history. 😁

All it took was this one moment on Star Trek to make me love my name for once in my life and now I fully embrace it. As soon as I saw EmperorGeorge.com was still available, I jumped on that before it was gone. Buying this domain made it official… I am now Emperor George! πŸ‘‘

Who is George?

I am currently a freelance multimedia designer as well as investor based in Toronto, Canada.Β Having been a hikikomori in a previous life, living in the city has catapulted me into another world I never could have dreamt of before. This blog documents my adventures.

I also run NerdEmperor.com which is geared more towards my niche interests.

My Life Story

My family came to Canada in the late 80s to escape from Communist China due to the then-impending 1997 British Handover before I was conceived. Hailing from Hong Kong yet born in Taiwan, I have since lived in a beautiful quiet suburb north of Toronto for most of my life for as long as I can remember. While I’d still enjoy visiting Hong Kong every few years as it was a true “world class” city – not to mention, the incredible toy shopping experience – my interests are predominantly from the West. That said, I prefer Toronto & the GTA over Hong Kong any day as there is so much more of interest to me here.

At the core, I am a Sci-Fi nerd who lives and breathes Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and the like but I also love the Horror genre – especially classic & obscure films from the 80s and 90s, Lovecraftian creature features as well as killer dolls and creepy clowns.

On the other side of the pond, I am also a huge Tokusatsu (Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider) fan with a pinch ofΒ Anime. I used to be far more into anime during my Japanophile phase but only my interest in tokusatsu survived over all these years as the greatest export to me from Japan, having grown up with Power Rangers and the 90s nostalgia rabbit hole that is Ameri-Toku.

Like most, I eventually lost interest in many childish things as I got older until realizing there was no big deal in liking what I liked regardless of age. I suppose my interests merely remained dormant within my Inner Child during adolescence as pretty much all of my childhood interests ended up returning full force in a tsunami of nostalgia and I finally embraced my title as Nerd Emperor!

Being a tremendous consumer of screen media, Film + Television are a huge part of my life. In addition to the aforementioned genres, I also enjoy a plethora of domestically-made Canadian Film & Television. Having grown up north of Toronto, I’ve consumed a ton of locally produced media and have a soft spot for many things #FilmedInTO since I love the nostalgia induced by the sights and sounds from past years, especially the 90s. I also enjoy having attended TV tapings and events where I got to meet familiar faces from TV and even became acquainted with a few of them!

As a homebody who typically never travels for the sake of enjoyment besides select goal-driven trips, I often rely on travel shows to see the world from the comfort of home since going anywhere far can be overwhelming for me and my mild case of agoraphobia.

I’ve also been pretty sheltered growing up so I was never really social nor went out much. I had a few ‘best’ friends, most of them came and went, but the TV was always there to stay. (Well, that sounded sad…) Over the years, I have learned to appreciate entertainment spanning across all generations, both new and old, and would often crave nostalgia for a time from before I was even born! Weird. πŸ€”

Lastly,Β I am a proud Nerd + Otaku = Nerdtaku and not ashamed of it. I still enjoy collecting Toys & Action Figures. So what if I am an adult who still likes “kids stuff”? Over the years, I have learned to not care about what others think. It is an unnecessary mental burden and liability to concern oneself with the opinions of others. Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one and think everyone else’s stink. I only need to please myself so I will like what I like and be content with it. I could not care any less about those who do not approve of me. This is something I wish I learned way earlier in life but better late than never, I suppose.

“Nerd, and proud.”

…because if being a nerd was to be a mutant, I would be Magneto leading that revolution! Yes, I was bullied a lot back then but if those same people were to face me today, they would sufferΒ a fire and fury never before witnessed in this world. Enough is enough. Different is good! Why the hell would I want to be a conformist sheep to fit in with the countless masses?

As you can probably tell, I can’t really relate to “the masses” and have never really fit in with any crowds. Why? Because I did not have a happy life back then during my years in school. My life story essentially parallels the Founders and the formation of the Dominion from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Once upon a time, I was none but an innocent naive child. I didn’t wage wars, I didn’t ask to be bullied – it all simply came to me, as if I was a magnet for misfortune. As if it was nature for me to be the prey and always be a victim. I was not only bullied by other students but even some authority figures had the audacity to partake in the terrorism against me. As a result, I developed a new perspective on life and pretty much rejected everything “the establishment” tried to shove down my throat/teach me, which I later saw as indoctrination rather than education. I even became a ‘hikikomori’ for several years after I finished university and had a choice to not go out daily anymore. While I went out to the odd event, I often stayed home for weeks on end and never went outside. I simply had no desire to leave the house.

My Brave New World…

That all changed a few years ago as lo and behold, I landed a job downtown out of the blue. It was a huge adjustment for me and I continue to struggle like Seven of Nine trying to grasp the concept of social skills sometimes.

2015 was a huge year for me. From finally going out of the house again and having to interact with people on a daily basis to having my own condo in downtown Toronto! Some say I have a great life, but most don’t understand the struggles I still have beneath the tip of the iceberg. There are still ups and downs, and I document my adventures in this blog.

Wow, did you really read my life story? If you made it to the end, thank you for caring and trying to understand me. While the latter part of my rambling may have turned hostile, rest assured, I do not bite – unless provoked. Feel free to befriend me. I come in peace…

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