Found myself watching a lot of travel vlogs lately since there was no new season of The Amazing Race this year, one of my annual summer TV traditions along with America’s Got Talent. Apparently, videos of people simply walking around became hugely popular worldwide due to all the lockdowns and everybody craving to go outside again.

Johnny Strides was perhaps the first vlogger I followed since last year for ASMR as well as to know what downtown Toronto was like these days now that I was never around anymore. Some days, I would miss being at my condo and the surrounding area by the waterfront despite growing tired of living downtown in 2019 until the world shut down in 2020. I was also curious to see if the businesses I frequented had survived the lockdowns or not. These were the same sights I was used to seeing everyday in the city so no surprise that things got repetitive and boring after a while. I also needed something more exotic that didn’t constantly remind me of the dreary state of things going on locally nowadays…

As part of my iaido and tameshigiri self-learning electives earlier this year, I also started watching Let’s Ask Shogo: Your Japanese Friend in Kyoto and later discovered Rion Ishida thanks to YouTube’s algorithm. While their videos brought back some nostalgia of my previous Japan trips, it also started making me want to travel to Japan again… and that was a problem considering I’m basically a prisoner in my own country of the no longer “true north strong and free” Canada under our current tyrannical and corrupt so-called Liberal regime. ๐Ÿ˜’

Not to mention, I already know all about Japanese cuisine (my absolute favourite) like the back of my hand so there was not much new to learn from their culinary world. Considering I mainly watch travel vloggers as a form of escapism, I had to switch gears and sought out content from places that I was interested in food-wise but wouldn’t cause the travel bug to bite and make me want to go there myself.

As my friend HerrDoktor from Brampton once said, India is basically a germaphobe’s worst nightmare… so this was a perfect subject for me since I do enjoy Indian food as well but also have lots to learn more about. That’s when I discovered Scottish vlogger Dale Philip – once again, thanks to YouTube’s recommended videos.

With that addictive Scottish accent, witty sense of humour and raw unedited style of vlogging… needless to say, I ended up being hooked. After two weeks of binge-watching all of his videos from earliest to latest, it left me wanting more vicarious adventures so I’ve currently been watching Luke Damant and Broke Forever, both whom were featured in Dale’s videos.

Perhaps I can count myself lucky for being a reclusive hikikomori with minimal desire to travel considering staying at home is exactly where I prefer to be anyway. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Update: A Year Later

Based on travel vlogs I’ve been watching for escapism from what Canada has become over the past year, Sri Lanka seems pretty nice. Had me at their incredible hospitality, mountainous regions and tea plantations. Wouldn’t mind India or Pakistan either where “guest is god” if I was truly ready to live in the middle of fuck all. Sigh.

As I said before, the main reason I started watching travel vlogs was because of no new The Amazing Race and it’s one of the few reality shows I like. But you know what? The vlogs were actually way better because they’re raw, led me to ditch all preconceptions caused by the mainstream media. ๐Ÿ’Š

Also made me want a Sinhalese, Indian or Pakistani housekeeper… ๐Ÿ˜…


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