2021-03-10 Toy Run Haul from Walmart, Toys "R" Us and Hot Topic.

Went the exact same route as last week since I regretted a few mistakes and hoped to rectify things this time.

My aptly named «Toy Run Pattern Vaughan Alpha» allows me to hit 3 or 4 Walmarts, 3 Toys “R” Us and 4 EB Games in one fell swoop and I needed as many chances as possible since I was in search of AEW Unrivaled Series 3. With my luck, of course that mission was a total boondoggle at every single one of the FOUR Walmarts I visited today since I missed the boat on Friday/Saturday. Fucking hell. I mainly just want Darby Allin and everyone seems to be having a field day finding them except me. Like I said, I can never find what I want when I actively search for it. Stuff only pops up for me when I don’t bother to search or care. Story of my life. Happy hunting, my ass! 🖕🏻🤬🖕🏻

On the other hand, I did well in the other departments as I was able to find a Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – Z-Putty (or two) at pretty much every Walmart I visited today besides the typically disappointing Walmart Thornhill Supercentre that had fuck all as usual.

Stumbled upon fresh pickings of AEW Unrivaled Series 2 at Toys “R” Us Thornhill though thanks to the familiar store manager who just put them out and informed me when he saw me in case I was interested. He said a lot of people had been calling and that everyone’s after Jon Moxley and Adam Page but I didn’t know them or care about their gimmicks so I only picked up Dustin Rhodes, MJF, Pentagón Jr. and Fénix.

Nothing good at Toys “R” Us Woodbridge besides an abundance of LEGO Minifigures Series 21 but I was able to identify the Violin Kid that I couldn’t find last week. Over at EB Games Colossus Centre, I picked up another Star Wars: Black Series – Ezra Bridger with a far better paint job than the two I previously got. Will be returning my extras next time or if anyone needs one, contact me and we can work something out!

Finally at Vaughan Mills, it was not busy at all again and not a single damn line to waste my time standing in. Phew.

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Considering my musical tastes have expanded from my previously “uncool” and limited preferences for classical & orchestral stuff only since living downtown for the past 5 years, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I became a fan of My Chemical Romance after sampling their music last week (in particular, this boppy tune 🎶 Na Na Na! 🎶) and regretted not getting Funko Pop: My Chemical Romance – Danger Days “Party Poison” Gerard Way – especially upon realizing that it’s part of a line of previous Hot Topic Exclusives likely to go for far more in the secondary market. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Not to mention, having met Gerard Way before made him more relevant for me as well – despite not knowing about MCR before meeting him since I clearly used to live under a rock. Heh. Too bad I didn’t sample MCR’s music at that time since I wasn’t in the mood to think about celebs much in 2019 besides merely being compelled to go meet them by an enabler friend, which really started feeling more like an annoying chore to me. 😓

Gerard Way

Luckily, things worked out perfectly as the 3 units I recall seeing last week were still there and allowed me to choose the best paint job. I also had a 30% off entire purchase coupon so it was $10.50CAD (orig. $15.00CAD) – making it pretty much the same as if I had used my $5 Birthday Reward on this instead.

In addition, I also found a couple enamel pins I liked: Kawaii Krypt Cathulu Boba and a smaller inconspicuous Bioworld Cobra Kai pin despite already owning a needlessly large one from Icon Heroes that I mainly got for Niagara Falls Comic Con 2019 and can’t really wear as practically in any other situation. Both were $10.50CAD before my 30% off discount, making them $7.35CAD each. Not bad, I guess.

I was also able to exchange my Funko Pop: Frozen 2 – Mattias for Star Trek: Discovery – Michael Burnham instead at Toys “R” Us, which is basically night & day in terms of relevance for me. Phew, thank god! So things actually worked out alright in the end regarding this matter as now I have a FREE Funko Pop that I actually do want and got a second chance to rectify last week’s regret. 😌

With my primary objectives for today completed, I was on my merry way home and got a couple Jasmine Jade Green Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly again from Chatime since I really liked their Tea of the Month for March last time. Grabbed some Tonkotsu Ramen from Sansotei in Richmond Hill again as well as some surprisingly good maki rolls from T&T SupermarketDragon Roll and Spicy Salmon. They seem to have stepped up their quality and taste compared to when I last tried their sushi products. 🤤


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