Mail addressed to #NerdEmperor from the Destination Fear team! 😁

Even though I’m a recluse by choice who doesn’t like leaving my house or travelling, I’ve always had a curiosity for peering into old, abandoned places from another era and the history behind them – especially if there’s anything paranormal.

I’ve vicariously enjoyed following the adventures of urban explorers like Freaktography, who visit abandoned places around Ontario among others. However, this crazy group tops them all by mixing in paranormal investigation and even go so far as to sleep in abandoned, haunted buildings… seriously, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? πŸ™ˆπŸ€ͺ🀣

Destination Fear (2019– ) has been one of my favourite shows over the past year. I discovered it back in April while watching TV in bed late at night and struggling to fall asleep. While there’s been many paranormal shows over the past few years, this show particularly stood out to me as the crew’s chemistry is rather enjoyable to watch and they are a real group of seemingly genuine friends I’d just love to hang out with on days where I happen to feel like coming out of my social hermit shell.

Since the premiere of Season 2 on Travel Channel in the US, I’ve been participating in their weekly scavenger hunt activities. Each week, they would post a bunch of trivia questions for every new episode. Since DTOUR in Canada doesn’t air episodes on the same schedule until several months later, my impatience has driven me to watch fan-uploaded episodes via YouTube even though it sucks having to watch in 360p on a TV.

It seems this week’s Randolph County Infirmary episode was a tough one for many, thereby eliminating much competition and allowing me a far better chance to actually win the lucky draw. Evidently, my logical deduction skills really paid off for that last question which apparently stumped many people. Hehe! 😎

Tuned into their Instagram Live session announcing the winners for the week and got an awesome shout-out video from them as well… 😁

LOOOL! What a silly wild bunch. Glad you all liked my nickname! 🀣

Thank you Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner andΒ Alex for the signed photo. Exactly what I was hoping for! Also, receiving mail addressed to me as Nerd Emperor never gets old. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»



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