2020-10-27 Toy Run Haul from Toy Square, EB Games, Winners and Walmart.

Another occasional outing to the Markham area this week primarily to meet someone for another Kijiji deal at Markville Mall as well as to pick up another Hot Toys arrival.

I deliberately scheduled for us to meet a bit later so that I could nonchalantly do my toy checks without any competition – you know, just in case – however, it made no difference since both Walmart and Toys “R” Us didn’t have anything particularly great anyway to my sheer and utter disappointment. πŸ˜’

Before my Kijiji meeting, I did a price adjustment to get the Edge Platinum discount for my 2 Hasbro PulseCon Exclusive Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – Lord Drakkon EVO III (orig. $69.99, 10% off – $62.99CAD). Did my Kijiji meeting shortly after at ~11:50am. In addition, the buyer also wanted a Star Wars: Black Series – Mandalorian Super Commando and offered $45CAD for it… of course, I accepted it. 😎

Buyer paid $145 total in cash for my 2 items: Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – Drakkon Evo III and Star Wars: Black Series – Mandalorian Super Commando, with me walking away with a net profit of $39.93 after stupid taxes. Not bad. I never intended to be a scalper but sometimes it just works out that way. πŸ™ˆ

I actually pick up extras (if satisfactorily painted) primarily to compare the quality of paint jobs with what I have at home. If they happen to be desirable figures, then I’d keep them as trade bait in hopes of swapping for other hard-to-find items I am seeking in order to avoid paying any stupid marked-up secondary market prices. It just so happened that someone preferred to buy it off me instead of trading. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

After the deal was completed, I proceeded with my regularly-scheduled itinerary. At Toys “R” Us, I returned a ton of stuff and also got a bunch of price adjustments since all McFarlane Toys collector figures were $5 off – making them all $19.99CAD each for the next two weeks – which included McFarlane Toys: Mortal Kombat – Baraka that I first spotted at TRU today as well as my previous purchases of Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero. Now that the prices were satisfactory, I can finally open and enjoy them! 😁

Swung by Winners just in case there might be some surprises and ended up picking up a Power Rangers Beast: Morphers Beast-X King Morpher for $12.99CAD (orig. $19.99CAD everywhere) since I just loved Go-Busters that much. Possibly an impulse buy though – only time will tell and I can always just return it after Christmas.

Next stop was First Markham Place where I picked up my Hot Toys: Han Solo (Solo ver.) that I pre-ordered last year at Toy Square. I heard the Hot Toys Solo figures are all somewhat rare because so few people preordered since the movie wasn’t popular. Well, speak for yourself because I actually liked it – and I mean really, REALLY liked it. Enough to make me want that big Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon! 😱

Still have trouble deciding if I want Hot Toys: Lord Maul (Crimson Dawn ver.) or not… even though I already have the Episode I version of Darth Maul. That’d be another $370CAD + tax if I wanted this one too though. πŸ™ˆ

It’s such a shame that all he did was appear for a few minutes via FaceTime hologram while seemingly taking a dump in the movie. Heh. I actually never really cared much about Maul with robot legs until I watched the final Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020) the other day. My god, it was so epic!

Basically, for the uninitiated, Darth Maul survived the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) quit being a Sith (“…formerly Darth, now just Maul…”) and became an underworld crime boss instead – giving birth to Crimson Dawn – during which he also ruled over Mandalore briefly. While I did watch the show 10 years ago when it first started, I eventually lost interest when they stopped released nice Bluray packaging after Season 3. My interest was reinvigorated when I heard the latest Season 7 also ties into Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005), the Order 66 conspiracy and Ahsoka Tano’s story during the Purge – hence, a MUST WATCH for me!

Initially planned to get some Omelette Ramen from one of my usual spots Brown Donkatsu & Ramen (formerly Sonoya Ramen) only to be disappointed that they were closed on Tuesdays. Sigh. So I ended up looking around for other food & drink options as consolation and discoveredΒ Yi Fang Fruit Tea. Saw their current specialΒ Super Trio Milk Tea w/ Tapioca Pearl, Grass Jelly and Sago for only $3.99 – it’s been ages since I enjoyed any kind of Bubble Tea so why not! 🀀

Back in my neighbourhood, there was nothing good at my Walmart store that was new – though I did stumble upon another Mauldalorian. It was somewhat satisfactorily painted so I had to get it even though I have a bunch already. πŸ˜…

Over at my local preferred EB Games, I did a price adjustment to get my Edge Platinum Discount for the Hasbro PulseCon Exclusive Star Wars: Vintage Collection 501st 3-pack and also picked upΒ Star Wars: Black Series – Darth Nihilus. In addition, Star Wars: Vintage Collection – Moff Gideon was available for preorder at EB today ($5 deposit required) as well as the Mandalorian Armorer. 😎


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