2020-10-15 Toy Run haul from Toys "R" Us, Walmart, EB Games and LEGO Store.

Another outing with mom this week for her dental appointment again. Like last time, I dropped her off before proceeding with my own toy run errands in the Don Mills and Scarborough areas.

This week’s outing was generally uninteresting. Nothing really exciting at Toys “R” Us although I did stock up on more LEGO City 60236 Straight and T-Junction Road Base Plates due to rumours of LEGO discontinuing them and launching a new modular road system in 2021. They were $13.98CAD each on Amazon, so I had TRU price match it as I’d much rather support them and they also did not have a limit on how many I could buy. Got 9 of them for now – in addition to the maximum number of 7 that I ordered the other day, soon to arrive with my Amazon Prime Day shipment.

Not sure if this would be enough in its finality but the numbers add up quickly since that’s already $100+ in LEGO roads alone. These are rather uninteresting to buy but necessary for my city or else I’ll likely regret not getting more later on when they’re no longer available anywhere. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

The cashier/manager was very kind so I was able to get a $10 LEGO Savings Card even though, technically, you’re only supposed to get one when you purchase a LEGO set. 😏

The $10 coupon card can be used for any LEGO between November 1-15 on a minimum purchase of $10… oh, I know exactly what small $14.99 set I’ll be getting! 😁

Headed over to Scarborough Town Centre afterwards and of course, another bloody boondoggle as usual at Walmart. The infuriating hunt for that fucking piss-off Star Wars: Black Series – Beskar Armour Mandalorian will never end for me! Good luck and happy hunting, my ass!!! 🀬

Stumbled upon McFarlane Toys: Mortal Kombat 11 – Baraka at EB Games though, so I got one since there were a couple to choose the best paint job from – just in case I didn’t like the one my usual EB Games set aside for me since I preordered it with them. Didn’t bother checking out Hot Topic or other usual stores of potential interest since I was on a tight schedule so besides this one thing, my trip to STC was virtually pointless. Hopefully, the paint job on this one is the one I end up keeping so it wasn’t in vain. πŸ˜’

Cut short my stay at STC since I planned to swing by another Walmart at Agincourt Mall en route back to pick up mom. It was another failed hunt there, however, I did manage to find a Tech Deck: World Edition Limited Series – Element “Timber Mountain Wolf Dragon” skateboard for my Dino Charge Black Ranger that I liked. Apparently, these are 1/12 scale which make them fit perfectly with 6″ figures. While I don’t actively go out hunting for these, I make sure to check out the selection when I’m already in the toy aisles in the case there was a skateboard design that fit Chase’s character and I think this one fulfills my criteria. Saw a couple that I never saw elsewhere so I got them to contemplate at home. They were only $3.49CAD each at Walmart so I guess it’s pretty fair for their supposed quality.

Considering Brennan Mejia’s minor role as a skateboarder in American Horror Story: Murder House (2011), maybe Tyler Navarro/Dino Charge Red should get one as well? Seems fitting for him to have a Japan-themed skateboard too since Brennan was clearly a weeaboo when I met him at Power Morphincon 2016. He mistook me as being from Japan due to my style and started conversing with me in Japanese. πŸ˜†

After meeting up with mom back at Fairview Mall, I had to return some stuff at EB Games so I was able to see what new stuff they got. Lo and behold, there was one Star Wars: Black Series – Kanan Jarrus on the shelf! It was one of the figures I regretted not preordering at the time so it was a relief to find something exciting that I actually wanted and today’s outing wasn’t just for minuscule fruits of my labour.

Also swung by LEGO Store as per protocol and also managed to find stuff I wanted there too – so much for nothing “I’ll be quick since there’s nothing much of interest anyway!”

Picked up LEGO Hidden Side – 70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat (orig. $39.99CAD, sale $31.97 – 20% off) and LEGO Seasonal – 40423 Halloween Hayride (orig. $16.99CAD – 10% off damaged box discount). On top of that, it was also Double VIP Rewards from October 8–20!

In addition, I was happy to see the new favourite manager whom I became acquainted with over the recent few years was present again after thinking she no longer worked there anymore and that Fairview had changed for the worse – considering the past few times of not seeing the familiar employees there that knew me and treated me like royalty, so I was happy to stick around to converse a bit.

Thank god I didn’t simply forgo checking out LEGO Store based on assumptions that there likely wouldn’t be anything of interest since it’s been lackluster the past few times. This is exactly why I have a very specific set of protocols established for every place I go to and always expect my in-the-moment self to follow them without ever deviating from these carefully laid-out plans!

#MailHaul: Mandalorian Super Commandos

For once, I got lucky and was able to order the Star Wars: Black Series – Mandalorian Super Commandos from Walmart online! No dreaded, infuriating hunt for these guys – THANK GOD – since I actually wanted these guys the most out of the Walmart-exclusive Clone Wars offerings! I was able to score a bunch of them – a little army for myself as well as extra trade bait to swap for what I want. 😎

2020-10-14 Mail Haul from Walmart. 😁


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