My god, what a piss-off it’s been trying to acquire these but my nightmare is finally over. Happy hunting, my ass. πŸ˜’

Ended up going out on Tuesday this week and again on Thursday since mom wanted to get a haircut after so many months in quarantine. I opted to accompany her not only for safety reasons but also to scope out the Markham area for what I sought, avoiding what otherwise would’ve been an inefficient single purpose trip.

#ToyRun: Marvel Legends X-Men Movies – Wolverine & Mystique

After a disappointing Tuesday errand primarily for another curbside pickup of groceries at Loblaws as well as my usual toy checks in the Richmond Hill and Thornhill areas, I only managed to find Marvel Legends X-Men Movies – Wolverine (Jacket ver.) and Mystique at Toys “R” Us.

2020-09-15 Toy Run Haul from Toys β€œR” Us and Walmart.

Although I did want them, I wasn’t too worried about being able to find them as they seemed widely available so the spotting didn’t excite me as much as it should have. Nonetheless, I was able to compare a good number of them and chose the best-painted ones to go home with me.

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#MailHaul: Star Wars Black Series – Captain Cardinal

My current toy hunt priorities have been those pain-in-the-ass Star Wars: Black Series Galaxy’s Edge Exclusives that everyone and their mom and dog have been searching for. It’s so infuriating to me when everyone likes the stuff I like which only makes it all the more difficult to get what I want! 🀬

Not being able to find them has taken a toll on my mood lately despite my joy of always getting to stay at home nowadays. After checking TRU’s website every morning, I finally managed to secure a Captain Cardinal after two failed attempts – including last week’s infuriating store pick-up boondoggle which got cancelled after I was at the store when they couldn’t even find the damn stock. πŸ˜’

Even ended up with 6 of them by accident since I thought they were ignoring my duplicate orders at first, but turns out they just didn’t have stock at the time. My plan was never to hoard and keep all of them but to allow myself to compare multiples for the best paint job and the rest would be returned to the store upon a future errand. The first one I received had crooked black paint on the visor which I peeves the hell out of me so hopefully, there will be at least one satisfactorily painted one out of six. Of course, I wouldn’t have to do things this way if they were just available in stores! πŸ™„

#ToyRun: Star Wars Black Series – Mountain Trooper

After dropping my mom offer at an outskirt plaza of the dreaded Pacific Mall for her hair appointment, I made my way over to Markville Mall for my own errands. Already had a gut feeling that I was likely too late for fresh pickings but I got lucky and stumbled upon a lone Mountain Trooper that seemed to be hidden…

Some may be surprised to know that a villain collector like me actually wanted to buy Star Wars: Black Series – Han Solo (Solo ver.) and Captain Poe Dameron since had all of the Han figures on clearance for $5 and the SKUs were the same at TRU, meaning I could actually exchange for a few particular characters I wanted. 😬

Now that I think about it though, I should’ve just got TRU to price match instead if possible. After all, I’d much rather support Toys “R” Us than Walmart…

It was only because I was going out of my way to flip through every single figure on a shelf riddled with seemingly only undesirable shelfwarmers that I found a Mountain Trooper hiding amongst the mess! If I wasn’t picking out every single unit of the aforementioned two available with the intention of comparing for the best paint job, I likely wouldn’t have spotted it. Phew.

About 10 minutes later, I noticed someone who fit a familiar profile walk into the Star Wars aisle presumably in search for the same stuff as me. I secretly watched as he was inevitably disappointed while in the adjacent aisle, deciding on a third Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – Green Ranger vs. Putty Patrol 2-pack – now on clearance for $39.98CAD – since I didn’t feel like going through the trouble of ordering that damn Hasbro Pulse exclusive Putty Patrollers 2-pack. I was hoping to grab 2 of them (bringing my Putty Patroller count to 4) but of the 3 boxes remaining, only one had a barely-satisfactory paint job. Now part of me regrets not picking up 2 sooner. Sigh.

Also picked up Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – Magna Defender so I could exchange the duplicate Shadow Ranger that Hasbro Customer Care sent me to supposedly replace my MMPR Yellow Ranger for having two left arms. How the hell is this even an acceptable replacement?! Seriously, I can’t even– πŸ™„

Luckily, they were willing to send me another replacement product when I contacted them again about receiving a duplicate and they even let me choose something from another product line to ensure it would be something that I didn’t have. Since all their Power Rangers and Star Wars replacement stock would be randomized with there being so many products, I opted for a G.I. Joe: Classified Series – Red Ninja since this line had a relatively small selection and manageable enough to list.

Believe it or not, the exclusive G.I. Joe: Classified Series – Profit Director Destro was actually on the list of products I could choose from! Since I already have the regular Destro and prefer that, I wasn’t interested in this hilarious looking “Pimp Daddy” Destro and (stupidly) passed on it. It’s an EB Exclusive in Canada and even $5 more than the typical $29.99CAD MRSP. πŸ™ˆ

As for my original replacement, Magna Defender will have to do for now until TRU or another retailer besides Walmart gets newer stock so I can exchange it for something better that I actually want. If only they included a Mike Corbett head sculpt with Magna Defender, then it would’ve been a keeper for me. πŸ˜’

2020-09-17 Toy Run Haul from Toys “R” Us.

#MailHaul: Star Wars Black Series – Hondo Ohnaka

Besides the one Mountain Trooper, I haven’t once found a single Black Series Galaxy’s Edge exclusive at a physical Toys “R” Us store. After waking up earlier than usual for more than 2 weeks, I can finally sleep in late again after this Saturday morning!

Even managed to order 3 Hondo Ohnaka so I can compare paint jobs before returning the rest. Knowing how hard to find this one is though, I might decide to offer it up for trade instead to acquire other figures I am seeking…

Now that I’ve secured all 3 of the Black Series Galaxy’s Edge Exclusive figures, it’s onto the next thing to get pissed off over not finding such as Star Wars: Black Series – The Mandalorian (Beskar ver.) which I had preordered from EB Games’ website only for them to cancel my order due to lack of stock. What a fucking piss off!!! πŸ”₯🀬πŸ”₯

I also still want the Star Wars: Vintage Collection Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon as well but at $499.99CDN, I don’t think that one would sell out that fast. I did managed to secure my rain checks on Tuesday’s outing though but just hoping a better deal will come along eventually.


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