Quarantine has turned me into my Star Trek Mirror Universe counterpart, complete with not only the conspicuous “wearing one glove only” trope but the infamous “beard of evil” as well. πŸ˜‚

Amazing how fast time flies when I am enjoying myself at home. It has already been four months now since my quarantine began in March and since then, there has been no reason for me to bother shaving at all. Never before in my life have I neglected facial grooming for more than a week at most or grown out any kind of beard before but thankfully, my Asian genetics seem to have prevented my face from looking like an abandoned building taken over by invasive plant vines. Although at about 2Β½ months in, I did shave most of it away because a bushy neck was too irritating for me so I ended up pulling a Ming the Merciless or The Master (Roger Delgado/Anthony Ainley) “beard of evil” look instead. πŸ˜…

With the arrival of my QMx Starfleet Science Badge (Star Trek: Discovery) and Terran Empire Command Badge (Star Trek: TNG “Mirror Broken” comic miniseries) which I ordered from Amazon one month ago when I noticed they got discounted to ~$7 CAD each, I decided it was a good time to do a quick cosplay photo shoot while wearing the Terran Empire badge…

Now that it’s July with daily temperatures more or less 30+Β°C and dreaded humidity seeping through some parts of my house, it has become too unbearable and annoying to deal with any facial hair at all. So after a quick shoot in the afternoon for my personal albums and for my eyes only, my face is once again smooth as an android’s bottom. πŸ‘

While I may look “normal” now after this facial cleanup, I still have no plans to go out anytime soon – let alone return to the city for essentially no good reason these days where there are too many people everywhere anyways. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love staying at home and have yearned for the hikikomori life for quite a while even pre-Virus so there’s no point in trying to change my mind about that!

That said, I fully intend to enjoy being at home for as much as possible because I know one day – eventually – I am going to miss these blissfully quiet days in peace and solitude once everything reverts back to normal operations. So I will only go out if I personally decide to do so on my own accord without any external influences and strictly on an as-needed basis… NOT just because places are gradually reopening. πŸ˜’


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