As a result of my February clean-up efforts in preparation for Phase 3 of renovations scheduled for later this year, excavating the basement downstairs and digging up my childhood drawings and long-forgotten toys put me in the mood to rewatch Power Rangers again.

Going down this nostalgia rabbit hole was something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but never found the time to do so without interruption. I’ve also been beyond annoyed at everyone in the Outside World lately and wanted those people to just fuck off and leave me alone… well, it seems I got my wish because I pretty much have all the time in the world now and everyone else’s plans have been ruined… ah, schadenfreude! 🀣

It feels like I am reliving that episode of “The Twilight Zone” where an avid bookworm could never find the time to just pause and enjoy solitude because everyone was always annoying and disturbing his peace when all he wanted was to do nothing at all but read his books… and then the world ended and he finally had the time at last to do just that.

The best part is no longer having to worry about the ever so annoying FOMO (fear of missing out) on anything of relevance happening in the city, which is why I still end up going out to many events even though I don’t enjoy it at all! However, now I can fully enjoy spending time at home in Central Command without any distractions and plenty of time to marathon every single episode of Power Rangers from the very beginning – that’s 700+ episodes from a franchise that spans more than 25 years and counting!

Since late-February, I’ve been binge-watching this ultimate 90s nostalgia gem from the beginning with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. While I’ve had these same nostalgia cravings before, usually every few years here and there, I would typically cherry-pick certain episodes to watch based on my childhood favourite Monsters of the WeekΒ only.

Now that I actually have all the time in the world, a comprehensive marathon without skipping any episodes was in perfect order. I found the episodes I loved as a kid still as memorable as I remembered and some episodes I didn’t really like were actually not that bad. Specifically, I loathed multi-parters back then because I hated having to wait a week to find out what happened next. Ugh. So glad that I can now have immediate gratification thanks to the joy of binge-watching DVDs, but my god did MMPR Season 2 stretch out some plots with (sometimes) boring and (other times) cringeworthy filler into excruciatingly unnecessary 3-part long episodes! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Welcome to my Nostalgia Room… complete with ugly wood decor shelves. πŸ™ˆ

Some of the episodes, particularly chunks of MMPR Season 3 thru Zeo and into Turbo, were entirely new to me as I didn’t have the clockwork routine to always be in front of the TV at the “same Power-Time, same Power-Channel” consistently. I suppose that explains my regrettable lack of appreciation for these three seasons over all the years but after watching them in their entirety for the first time, I ended up liking them a lot more now (but still not enough to go online and buy all the toys, phew) and a lot of characters I previously didn’t care for, like Bulk and Skull, even grew on me now that I had a better understanding of the plots and not just watching purely for the monsters or villains anymore.

Without a doubt, my highly anticipated main event was reaching the epic climax of the Zordon-era: Power Rangers in Space and Lost Galaxy! They were still as epic as I remembered – perhaps even more so since I immediately noticed all the Star Trek/Wars similarities watching again for the first time as a kidult. Sadly, I was too young to appreciate Star Trek during its Golden Age in the 90s (sigh) so I didn’t make these connections at the time of airing since I wasn’t a Trekkie yet. It was certainly setting me up to be one… no wonder they were my favourite seasons back then! Better late than never and this realization now made my marathon all the more enjoyable. πŸ––πŸ»πŸ€“βš‘οΈ

Astro Delta Megazord. Bandai. 1997.

Apparently, due to declining ratings during Turbo, Power Rangers in Space was planned as the final series in 1998. Knowing this now, they certainly did a great job bringing all the villains together and wrapping up the Zordon-era. The Star Trek-esque series ended up doing so well with its drama-packed, less filler plots and ended up not only saving the franchise but spawned a “sequel” by popular demand in Lost Galaxy, which continued the space theme with a Star Trek: Deep Space Voyager-esque series.

After officially ending the Zordon-era on such a high note with epic epicness that left me with tears rolling down my face (I’m not crying, you’re crying! πŸ˜…) back then and even still today, it left astronomically huge shoes for the subsequent series to fill. Alas, I was only able to make it through the first few episodes on Disc 1 of Lightspeed Rescue – if distractedly and passively watching even counts – before realizing I couldn’t really focus anymore due to a compelling desire to do other things instead. Not saying this was a bad season but I simply didn’t want to spend my entire quarantine only watching TV while no progress around the house was made. Besides, there couldn’t have been a better time to take a break than right after closing the book on the Zordon-era.

Coincidentally, this was the exact same spot where I lost interest in Power Rangers as a child back in 2000. Even though I couldn’t make it through the entire franchise in one go, this marathon took me back to good times such as watching Power Rangers while my mom made dinner in the kitchen. Main difference today: she would sporadically ask questions about the show in an effort to understand and embrace her kidult son’s nerdiness. These are memories at home that I shall cherish. 😌

Since I’m fully back into my Power Rangers phase, I must thank XombieZach once again for helping me attain the Lightning Collection Red Galaxy Ranger & Psycho Red set this past Christmas as I still *never* once found it at all here so clearly, Canada got screwed on this set. My saviour! πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ»

These are the exact kind of figures I’ve desired as a child and the fact that they now exist is still kind of dream to me. Pinch. Yes, they do exist… and now I can enjoy figures like never before or I’d be going batshit crazy. I forgot how much I liked Leo as a child – even more than Andros – so I’m glad they made him first. Leo was a beast! πŸ’ͺ🏻😲πŸ”₯

Of course, if this pandemic does go on longer than a few weeks or months, I can always come back to revisit Power Rangers whenever I feel like it again as own every series from MMPR thru RPM on Shout! Factory’s amazing DVD box set releases. Until then, I’ve designated April 2020 as toy photography month and have a daily goal to post at least one toy photo a day on my Instagram. Guess this marathon has sparked my creative fires again – something that I felt has vanished since the early 2010s.


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