Chuck Hughes

Despite my fear of COVID-19 long before it was cool to panic thanks to my OCD, I had to go to EB Games at Eaton Centre to pick up my highly-anticipated NECA TMNT Shredder & Footsoldiers which I preordered months ago and would only be held for a few days.

Yes, I’m more worried about getting my toys than hoarding toilet paper… #NerdLife πŸ˜…

While there, I swung by Hudson’s Bay to see my favourite TV chef Chuck Hughes again! He was doing a cooking demonstration for his Roast Leg of Lamb recipe earlier from 5:30-6:30pm which I sadly missed since I came after rush hour to avoid crowds from the daily downtown office exodus.

The event was part of Hudson’s Bay House Party so there was also free food such as Tomato & Pineapple Bruschetta and Beef & Mango Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls.

Arriving late, I missed out on some other food items but whatever – now was not a good time to stuff oneself with food just because it’s free. I had a few samples and carried on.

Luckily, I caught Chuck in time before he left early just after 7:00pm despite it being advertised that he would be there until 8:00pm. Made sense since the entire mall was unusually dead considering the current situation. Chuck was also washing his hands in between meeting every person so that good practice was reassuring to see.

Of course, “George and I go way back” (his words from last time πŸ˜‚) so when he saw me, I was met with a smile from both him and his assistant before being showered with a few gifts from his product line: Maple Syrup, Mild Pepper Spread &Β Antipasto! πŸ˜‹

They fawned over my photo from last time about how great it turned out as well as my nice camera before Chuck signed it. That little lobster doodle he does every time… πŸ€—

Always love seeing Chuck again but I wish this meeting was under better circumstances as I wasn’t really talkative today due to all the scary pandemic developments that have occurred over the past 24 hours – especially since some neighbouring buildings near my condo got shut down due to Coronavirus! Fearful of being in the city, I was avoiding every single person in public literally every second while I was outside of my condo. 😷

Compliments of the chef Chuck Hughes. 😊

I could not wait to retreat back to my Central Command tonight and now I can rest assured knowing that these TMNT figures I preordered are mine and have been picked up with an unexpected bonus as I also found a Star Wars: Black Series Stormtrooper Commander at this store!

2020-03-12 Downtown Haul from EB Games and Hot Topic.

Also used my Hot Topic $5 birthday reward that was on the verge of expiring. Stumbled upon a nice “It” 4×6 photo frame featuring Pennywise that was on clearance (orig. $15.90CDN, sale: $7.00 – $5 off coupon = $2.00CDN) which would be perfect for my printed photo with Andy Muschietti. 🀑🎈


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