My H.P. Lovecraft themed visit to Storm Crow Manor... complete with matching shirt. πŸ€“

Still yearning for a bit more horror festivity after Horror-Rama 2019 came to a close, I swung by Storm Crow Manor in the Church Wellesley Village on my way back home to my condo since I could take advantage of my 2-hour unlimited TTC rides on the same Presto card fare.

Not wanting to spend the evening alone in solitary post-con depression, I contacted a friend who lives in the area to hang out for a bit. Alas, I already ate at Udon Kitanoya followed by dessert at Eva’s Original Chimneys before leaving the Annex area so I only had stomach room for a drink – but that’s okay since my primary objective this visit was to purchase the Storm Crow Manor-exclusive Cthulhu tiki mug!

Behold, the Storm Crow Manor-exclusive Cthulhu tiki mug!

The mug was $25CAD + tax and since I don’t drink, they were very kind to include a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage for me to enjoy while I caught up with my friend as he devoured a Dungeon Burger w/ poutine for late-night dinner.

At my request in lieu of the “very standard” soft drinks, I opted for a Virgin PiΓ±a Colada. Typically for drinkers, their signature Cthulhu Tiki concoction consists of Rum, Pineapple Juice, Cream of Coconut, and Orange Juice. In that case, the drink along with the Cthulhu shaped souvenir mug costs $30CAD + tax.

Surely, a great way to end my Horror-Rama 2019 experience. 😊


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