If you have cable, specialty channel T+E is the place to be this Halloween season. Believe me. TV is pretty much my life so I know what I’m talking about!

Originally known as Travel + Entertainment, T+E (now meaning Totally Entertaining) eventually lost focus of its original theme over time like most specialty TV channels and gradually transformed into something else. While I enjoyed their travel programming such as Scam City and Bad Trips Abroad, luckily for me, I actually liked this change even more as I now pretty much had a paranormal channel.

I’m not afraid to admit that this channel is probably my most-watched one of my 1000+ channels of my VIP digital cable package. Perhaps I watch T+E too frequently to the point that my family thinks I’m obsessed with death or something. 😅

As a horror fan, it is Halloween year-round for me. For the “normal” masses, October is their spooky season and there is no better time to get into the Halloween spirit by tuning into T+E this time of the year.

Those who know me know that I’ve always been an advocate of good quality Canadian TV programming and this is another one of those great products. There is quite a good amount of Canadian paranormal shows and they all happen to be my favourite T+E shows!

Paranormal Survivor is one of the original staples of T+E. The show tells the tales of harrowing encounters with the paranormal from ordinary people. Most people say they don’t believe in the paranormal until they experience it for themselves!

Haunted Hospitals is probably my favourite of them all. Creepy tales are recounted by medical staff and patients from hospitals, nursing homes, and medical institutions. If you think sterile medical environments seem creepy, just wait until a touch of the paranormal is sprinkled on top!

Paranormal 911 is another great one, where haunting tales from first responders are retold from their encounters during emergency calls. First responders are typically more susceptible to the otherworldly as they are in a high state of awareness, as required by the nature of their profession.

Haunted Case Files features thrilling tales from ghost hunters and paranormal investigators in the hot seat being interviewed. Unlike most 9-5 jobs, sometimes their “work” follows them home!

Of course, I can’t forget the show that started it all – A Haunting. Originally airing back in 2005 on Discovery Channel, this was perhaps the pioneer of paranormal anthology shows featuring interviews and narration over dramatic re-enactments based on eyewitness testimony of alleged paranormal experiences. This is the series that inspired all of the above aforementioned shows!

With Michelle Desrochers at Niagara Falls Comic Con 2019! Michelle is one of the “paranormal experts” featured in Paranormal Survivor and Haunted Case Files.



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