Attended the 2019 Spring edition of Ontario Collectors Con in Mississauga. Cam Clarke (voice actor for Leonardo & Rocksteady in the 80s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) was the featured guest along with WWE wrestler Brooklyn Brawler, whom I only heard of for the first time. 😅

While I went expecting not to find anything, I ended up coming home with some grails as well as a few things I never knew I needed. 😂

Arrived at the Hilton Meadowvale right on time for the $10 general admission entry at 11:00am. Just a few minutes in, I spotted some Toybiz Lord of the Rings figures I wanted – namely, the Pelennor Fields set-exclusive Mumakil Rider and Orc Captain figures! They were priced at $15 each so I quickly snatched them up for a combo deal of $25.

Next item I spotted was Kenner’s Gargoyles Xanatos Xi-44 Roadster from 1995. Price was $100 but I negotiated it down to $80 since I was getting McFarlane Toys’ Spawn: The Movie – Malebolgia Deluxe Figure from 1997 (orig. $20) and Diamond Select Toys’ Battlestar Galactica – Pilot Apollo (orig. $5) as well. Got all 3 of these for $100 so technically, the Apollo figure was thrown in for free!

Spotted Amok Time 1/6 Cylon Centurion for $100. I saw the Tower Records-exclusive Gold Command Cylon Centurion as well but it was a whopping $225… seeing how I was contemplating both, I was offered the set for $290 but I just couldn’t justify it. Sigh. I ended up just getting the regular one for $100 since I really wanted a one-sixth scale Cylon in my collection.

While making yet another round in the dealer hall, I spotted one of my favourite finds out of nowhere. It was the Playmates Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Runabout Orinoco for $60 (orig. $70). After confirming the condition, I bought it right away as this was one of my grails.

A total surprise find was Masters of the Universe: Classics – Saurod, a reptilian bounty hunter in the service of Skeletor, from the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” film. I knew about Karg’s upcoming figure release but didn’t know there were others released already besides Blade, whom I already have. I was ecstatic to get this one for sure as I love the 1987 movie a lot!

I can’t believe I almost forgot about these guys. Perhaps it’s time for another rewatch after so many years!

The last item I found before the show was over was Transformers: Animorphs – Ax/Scorpion from 1998. This was another one of those toys I never found as a kid and forgot about. Orig. $10, I ended up picking him up for $8 as it was missing a missile accessory that was supposed to go in its tail.

Convention Hauls & Loots

Convention Review

This was an enjoyable little show as usual.


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