Attended my first concert and VIP meet & greet at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

The world’s most successful, best selling soprano Sarah Brightman brought her HYMN World Tour to the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto on February 10, 2019. As my #1 favourite singer ever, I knew I had to take this rare opportunity to indulge myself in her mystical world of music as well as the opportunity to meet her after the show and leaving with a guaranteed photo op with her!

If I was going to choose any one singer to splurge on a VIP meet & greet, it ought to be my Angel (Goddess) of Music – for she is the reason I like the music I like today, having shaped my musical tastes growing up. My piano teacher introduced me to The Phantom of the Opera at a very young age and my music preferences were shaped ever since. Every subsequent singer I became a fan of later on is essentially some form of derivative of Sarah.

Even though I had the meet & greet, I still wanted to meet her supporting acts, Vincent Niclo and Narcis Iustin Ianău as well. They were not participating in the VIP meet & greet to my annoyance. I left my condo a few hours earlier than show time and walked over to the Sony Centre hoping to catch either of them at the stage doors for sound check.

While waiting, I inadvertently met another opera fan and we were both lucky to catch Romanian singer Narcis Iustin Ianău arriving roughly after 4:00pm. He got his start by competing in the first season of Romania’s Got Talent, resulting in runner-up position.

I also saw the show’s drummer Harry Reischmann, whom I had to get a picture with because I always enjoy the epic percussion in Sarah’s productions.

However, we never once saw Vincent at all anywhere. Sigh. 😤

At 7:00pm, the doors opened so I went inside the venue.

My favourite songs performed were:
🎶 Gothica/Fleurs Du Mal
A Question Of Honour
🎶 Running
🎶 Time To Say Goodbye
🎶 Who Wants To Live Forever

…and of course Phantom Of The Opera, which garnered thunderous applause from the audience, as expected, followed by a long standing ovation. Needless to say, it was an incredibly breathtaking performance! 😍😭

After the show, we stayed in our seats as instructed for a representative to come take us over to the VIP lounge to meet Sarah.

Another fan who chatted me up in the reception area and I both had the same strategy in mind, in that we prefer to be the last ones to go so we could have a less-rushed opportunity with Sarah. Coincidentally, he also happened to end up sitting next to me for the duration of the show so it was nice to have someone familiar with beside me rather than some total stranger especially since I was attending alone.

When it was my turn, I told Sarah that she was my #1 favourite singer ever since I was a child and that she influenced my musical tastes growing up, resulting in my liking the music that I like today. She smiled graciously and thanked me. We then took our photos. I thanked her, said my farewell and was about to go gather my belongings nearby. I heard Sarah say “I love your suit!” and I turned around telling her, I saw what she wore for meet & greets in other cities and I colour-coordinated my outfit to match to which she laughed. 😘

“I love your suit!”
-Sarah Brightman 😘

By the time the post-concert meet & greet concluded, it was already 11:30pm and even snowing outside. Despite the failed mission to get a photo with Vincent, I suppose I still did well as Narcis had already exited the venue by the time we came out so had I not come out earlier in the afternoon, I would have missed both of them entirely. The purpose of meeting the supporting acts before the show was so that I wouldn’t have to bother afterwards and I did get at least one of them so it wasn’t all for nothing. Not to mention, Narcis was truly magnificent in the show so I’m very glad to have at least met him!


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